Junovi is a place where people who are passionate about Atlassian software come together and develop apps to improve the user experience.

Founded in 2018 by the brothers Adil and Nabil Nasri, Junovi managed to establish the Blueprint Creator as one of the most popular Confluence apps in the Atlassian Marketplace.

Adil Nasri

Nabil Nasri

With our combined experience in app development and product management, we continuously strive to add new features and help companies to utilize their Atlassian tools better by offering them customized and tailored solutions.


Aside from experiences in app development we have a rich background with Atlassian projects and consulting. These versatile experiences and thus resulting contrasting perspectives help us to provide valuable insights for our customers. This ensures that we cover all possible dependencies and impacts our apps have.


Therefore, our most popular and available Confluence app, the Blueprint Creator, is not only loved by its users but was staff picked by the Atlassian team.

In order to focus on product development we have closed a joint venture with the biggest German Atlassian Platinum Partner Seibert Media.​ They help us with marketing and sales so we can deliver high quality apps and support.

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